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Monday, 24 October 2011 14:54

Take Part in Preserving our History

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image011872 - 2012 140th Anniversary of Shriners International

The 140th Anniversary of Shriners International is quickly approaching in 2012, and we are making preparations to showcase the rich history of our cherished fraternity. We need your help, not only to make this upcoming anniversary celebration a success, but also to preserve the history of our organization.

Shriners International is in search of historic Shriner photographs to help promote our anniversary year. We encourage you to explore your temple's archives, storage room or even the attic of your home to see what treasures you might discover. Our greatest need is for photos from 1872 – 1962.


Items we are interested in:image02

  • Historic Photos
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Magazines
  • Temple Publications and Printed Materials
  • Vintage Film Reels




image03How to submit:

  • Mail a CD with images
  • Physically mail in items - *We may not be able to return items.
  • Email high resolution images to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 





Mailing address: 

image04Shriners International Headquarters,
Amanda Flenghi,
2900 Rocky Point Drive, Tampa, FL 33607

*By emailing or sending your photographs/items to us, you acknowledge that you or your temple are the owner and that you consent to the reproduction or use of the items by Shriners International Headquarters.


Personal Essay Contest

10/5/2011 7:49:00 AM

We know that every Shriner has a story to tell. The 140th Anniversary of Shriners International is quickly approaching in 2012, and this is the perfect time to reflect on our rich history. We cannot think of a better way to do so, than by listening to the voices of the men who have made this organization so well loved and respected.

We would like you to share your story with us by entering into the Shriners International Personal Essay Contest. This essay should be a story from your life as it relates to being a Shriner. A personal essay gives the reader an intimate glimpse of the author’s experience, observations, thoughts or feelings. The individual stories of our members make up the history of our organization and by preserving them on paper you will help us tell the story of Shriners International.

Both Shriner and non-Shriner affiliated judges will read all submissions anonymously and vote for the top three essays. Winners will receive plaques, pins, and both individual and temple will be acknowledged at the 138th Imperial Session in Charlotte, NC, July 2012, in the presence of their fellow nobles. The top three essays will appear in a commemorative anniversary coffee table book that will also premiere at Session.

What are some of the qualities of a good personal essay?

  • Reflective
  • Creative
  • Heartfelt
  • Humor
  • Truth
  • Genuineness
  • Nostalgic
  • Inspirational

Please download the entry form with contest rules and guidelines. We are also providing an ad for temples to use in their publications or as flyers to distribute within their membership.

Rules and Guidelines

    1. Your essay must be typed and double-spaced.
    2. It must not exceed 1500 words.
    3. All essays must be non-fiction.
    4. You must be a Shriner in good standing.
    5. You must not include any personal names in your essay.
    6. Each applicant must only submit one essay. It must be the original work of the submitter.
    7. Each applicant must complete an application form.
    8. Please spell-check your essay and use proper grammar.
    9. A panel of person essay contest judges decides which entries win. Three entries will be chosen. All decisions will be final.
    10. By submitting an essay, you acknowledge that it has not been published before, and that it will   become property of Shriners International. By submitting your essay, you give permission to Shriners International publish your essay and/or parts of your essay, regardless of whether your entry is chosen as a winner. You also agree and understand that you will receive no compensation, payment, or royalties from publication of your essay, and that you agree to promptly execute any release necessary to allow publication by Shriners international.
    11. Shriners International has the right to announce the winners of the contest by any manner in which it deems appropriate.
    12. Entries must be received no later than December 30, 2011.



    LEWISTON — Its already a mysterious, imposing, almost creepy, edifice in its own right, dominating the junction of Sabattus and Main streets.

    But Lewiston's Kora Shrine Temple will turn downright scary this coming weekend for a good cause. Dozens of volunteers will stage the second annual Haunted Walk in the building's basement as a fundraiser for the organization.

    "We would really like to see a thousand or more (people) this year," said Ansel Warner, one of several Shriners helping set up for the event Sunday afternoon. "We just really worked hard to get it set up the way we wanted it."

    Ansel said that a portion of the proceeds from the event go to support Shriners Hospitals for Children. Last year, the local Shriners donated about $1,000 to the hospital system.

    Warner said last year's Haunted Walk scared up about 600 attendees. They would love to double that number this year. Working with volunteers from Two Lakes Camping Area in Oxford, the group aims to create a "spooktacular" venue for all ages.

    "I believe a lot in what these guys do," said Gene Rancourt, a volunteer from Two Lakes who was helping to design the spider's cave. "It's a huge group effort. This is a great opportunity to have a lot of fun."

    Go and do

    WHAT: Haunted Walk

    WHERE: Kora Shrine Temple, 11 Sabattus St.

    WHEN: Friday, 5 to 8 p.m.; Saturday, 1 to 3 and 5 to 8 p.m.; and Sunday, 1 to 3 p.m.

    COST: $5 per person

    click on image for a larger view

    CITshrinerhalloween1P102411 CITshrinerhalloween2P102411 CITshrinerhalloween5P102411

    CITshrinerhalloween3P102411 CITshrinerhalloween4P102411
    Monday, 03 October 2011 12:43

    Bagpiper serenades visitors

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    FARMINGTON — The distinct sounds of a bagpipe serenaded people in the downtown area during the lunch hour Friday.

    Local bagpiper Robert Underwood performed for 52 passengers on a Trafalgar Tours bus from Vermont. The bus was parked on Broadway for a lunch break.

    Many took photos of him and listened to the music before getting back on the bus.

    Some walked up to visit the college, Bonnie Brown, of Whitehall, Mont., said. One couple on the bus are from Aberdeen, a port in northeast Scotland, and one was from England, she said. Others were from around the United States.

    The tour had visited Bar Harbor and was returning to New Hampshire and on to Vermont, she said.

    They are on a seven-day, 1,200-mile tour of New England, the bus driver added.

    A couple other tour buses have stopped this week on their way to or from peak foliage spots in Maine.

    Underwood said a couple of days ago he was in the park practicing for a wedding when a tour bus driver came over and asked him to play for the bus tour.

    "They started putting money in my case," he said, pointing to his music case full of bills.

    "Now when I see a bus, I come running," he joked.

    FARbagpipeP100311a FARbagpipeP100311c FARbagpipeP100311d

    Local bagpiper Robert Underwood serenades visitors from a Vermont Tours bus while they stopped downtown Farmington Friday for lunch. Several showed their appreciation as they dropped bills into his music case.

    click on image thumnail above for a larger image

    Monday, 08 August 2011 09:19

    Shrine Vine - August 2011

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    The Shrine Vine is the monthy newsletter of the Shriners Hospital for Children in Boston. Click on the image below to read this newsletter.

    ShrineVineCover August2011

    Sunday, 07 August 2011 16:07

    Report of the 137th Imperial Session

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    The 137th Imperial Session was held in Denver Colorado on July 3rd through July 7th. It was attended by John Knox, Barry Gates, Everett Kaherl, Dan Gove, Charles Bonney, Paul Sherman, Frank Preble, Karl Finnimore, and Paul Poulin.

    The first item of business was a report by the committee on grievances and appeals dealing with a letter of reprimand given by the Imperial Potentate to some members of the Imperial Divan and Board of Trustees and the results of the appeal of that reprimand and the hearings associated with it. The recommendation was that the reprimand stand and the delegation voted in the affirmative.

    There were 44 items of legislation on the call to be dealt with. Many dealt with jurisdictional lines and membership in shrine associations. All of these either passed or were withdrawn. There were three items dealing with allowing family members to participate in parades. All three failed thus family members cannot participate in parades.

    Candidate for a temple office now may publish a resume of qualifications but no other things may be done in terms of electioneering. Items dealing with allowing some Colorado corporation members to vote on Iowa business was defeated.

    A charter was given to Emirat Shriners of Germany making them Temple #194. Also a dispensation was given to Agila Shriners of Mindano Phillipines to form a Shrine Temple there.

    The new Outer Guard is James R. Smith of Ben Hur Shriners, Austin, Texas.

    There were 6 candidates for three positions on the Board of Trustees. The new Trustees elected were: Gary Dunwoody (re-elected), Peter Diaz MD of Arabia Shriners, Houston, Texas, and Skip Stanaway of Al Kader Shriners, Wilsonville, Oregon.

    Colorado items that were passed were two items dealing with 3rd party pay and the subsequent 1st party pay of deductibles and co-insuance. Items dealing with adding hospital board members to the Colorado corporation were defeated, and two items dealing with the Los Angeles Hospital were withdrawn as they were Out of Order.

    If you have questions dealing with the Session you can contact any of us who were there and we would be happy to discuss these results with you.*

    Sunday, 07 August 2011 15:32

    Gabby’s Story

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    By Kristen Ferguson

    gabby before“You’re beautiful the way you are and if people tease you, it’s only because they are insecure.” This is the advice Gabby Hoeper has for other kids that have port wine birth marks. Gabby, 11, has received 19 laser treatments at Shriners Hospitals for Children-Boston, starting when she was two years old. A student in the Challenge Program for gifted students at Earl Hampton Elementary School, Gabby will be entering the 6th grade next year. Gabby enjoys playing piano, calligraphy, and other arts and crafts, including making her own purses from plastic bags with her dad.Gabby’s journey with SHC-Boston started in October 2002, when her dad, Russell, read an article on the internet about a woman who met a Shriner in a Wal-Mart and eventually was able to receivecare for her son as a result. Upon reading the article, Rus-sell and his wife decided to call their local Shrine Temple, and two months later, Gabby was being treated at Shriners. Gabby’s parents were initially told by doctors that the birth mark, extending from her hairline to her jaw, was simply a bruise and nothing to be concerned about. However, Russell and his wife felt differently and began researching port wine stains.

    “When we realized the health effects down the road, we knew we had to look into surgical options.”

    Although a local plastic surgeon in Missouri agreed to waive certain fees for a series of laser surgeries for Gabby, Russell knew Shriners was the best choice. “[The plastic surgeon] had no experience with removing port wine stains on children. We came to Boston because they know kids, they know how to get results.”

    When Gabby first arrived in Boston in December of 2002, just two months after her father read the initial article on the internet, Gabby felt at home. While in the play area, she ran over to her mother and cheerfully exclaimed, “There are kids here just like me!”

    gabby afterBringing tears to her mother’s eyes, the Hoepers knew they made the right choice with Shriners. Russell said that the only word he would use to describe their experience at SHC-B was “phenomenal.”

    An important part of this phenomenal experience was one staff member who stole the family’s heart. Russell shared, “Sandy Mullen was by far one of the most prominent people at Shriners Hospital” Along with being hailed as an “integral part of Boston” for the family, Gabby “fell in love with her.”

    When she was 4 years old, she received a brunette doll as a gift and named it Sandy Mullen, sleeping with it by her side every night. Gabby, now 11, said that while she no longer has a favorite staff member and “loves all the staff the same way,” Sandy still holds a special place in her heart.“She’s an inspiration to me because she is always nice to everyone and helped my family with everything.”

    Russell says that they were also very impressed with the entire staff and experience they have had during their time here.*

    Sunday, 07 August 2011 15:19

    Hospital Happenings - Fall 2011

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    Shriners Hospital for Children, Boston

    Barry Gates, Chief Rabban, Boston Hospital Board of Governors

    In my last article in the Sands, I talked about some of the challenges that our hospital system is facing and how they relate to our Boston Hospital. As the hospital system moves through the process of deciding how to address these challenges, the impact on our Boston hospital is starting to get some clarity. During the board meetings since my last article there has been some important information brought to our attention. I will recap it here.

    Our hospital system has too much capacity for the number of patients that we are seeing. For instance there are 107 beds in the system for burns patients and our best estimate is that we need about 60. In Boston we have 30 beds and our patient count this year is down somewhat from last year.

    Due to the economy some other non shrine hospitals are retaining patients rather than sending them to our hospitals. Particularly those families with insurance who can afford to pay for services.

    Boston staff continues to work on strategies to keep the hospital a viable and important hospital in the Shriners hospital system.

    Our Boston hospital is looking for ways to increase the number of patients that they serve. For instance, Boston is looking at expanding services to include spinal cord injury and orthopedic procedures. Partnerships are being explored with Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital in order for Boston to provide these needed services effectively.

    There are some very important services that we provide at our shrine hospitals that are not available at other hospitals. For instance, SHC Boston employs a child life specialist. Her role is to provide music therapy, game playing, and other things to help distract the child while the child is going through difficult medical procedures. This is one of the important ways that our hospitals are able to provide that extra support and caring for our patients.

    SHC Boston has partnered with St. Josephs College in Windham, ME to provide online training for our staff. This provides a great continuing education opportunity without incurring substantial travel costs.

    Revenue sharing went live for Boston on June 28, 2011. This is the initial time that Boston will be charging insurance companies for services. Remember that we have changed our model somewhat and now collect insurance if it is available. However, there is still no cost to the families for any of our services.

    That’s the update from Boston. Please be sure to contact Barry Gates, John Knox or Paul Poulin who are all Boston Board members, if you have any questions about our Boston Hospital.*

    Sunday, 07 August 2011 15:13

    Communication Committee

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    We are looking for anyone interested in improving overall communication within the Temple!!

    Our vision and mission statement Project has created a need for a group interested in assisting in developing communication goals for all members of Kora Shrine. We presently have a few different means of communicating, the most important of which is what you are currently reading. In trying to keep up with technology, and to better serve the needs of all nobles, the communication committee is reviewing our present communication tools and processes. We need assistance in this, and you can help! We presently have a small committee and are looking for more input. In the near future, we will be asking for a communication liaison from each unit/club to become part of this process. As well we are looking for nobles with a desire to make this process work for all members. Anyone with a desire to help improve communications feel free to contact Dan Gove at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Units and clubs can also start the process of selecting their liaison for the communication group and forward this info as well.

    Thanks and the committee looks forward to your input.

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