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Shrine Circus

Shrine Circus

The Kora Shrine Circus

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Sunday, 15 February 2015 00:00

Kora Shrine Circus Acts 2015

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The promoter this year for the 2015 Kora Shrine Circus is Hamid Circus, Inc. The Kora Shrine Circus is proud of the acts we are featuring the Hamid Circus performing ELEPHANT and TIGERS. In addition, you will be entertained by numerous circus acts including the Opulent Opalesced Overutre, Shrine Circus Aerial Sirens, Performing Tigers, Johnny Rocket, Miss Mychelle Hurtling Hoops, BMX Bravado, Rowe's Riders, Elephants, and Motorcross Madness. In addition, the clowning antics of LARRY THE CLOWN will surely entertain you. Plus who can forget our own KORA KLOWNS as well.

The acts lined up thus far are as follows:

Peter Sturgis - Ringmaster

Hamid Circus, Inc.’s Ringmaster, PETER A. STURGIS, has traveled a long way from his 1956 birthplace of Brookhaven, MS.

To the bright lights and glamorous glitter of the circus world.

PETER’s first show business experience was that of a magician’s assistant in a small Myrtle Beach, SC.

amusement park. From there he traveled extensively with various magic/illusion shows and even became

the “talker” for a “Girl to Gorilla” sideshow on a carnival.

1981 was a major turning point in PETER’s life when he was “discovered” at Circus World Museum in Baraboo, WI.

He was told he looked like a ringmaster and thought, “What the heck, I’ll give it try.” Not only did PETER look the

part, he sounded great.

PETER is recognized as the premier circus ringmaster in the world today and Hamid Circus, Inc. is proud to have

him a major component of annual tours.

When not working with the circus, PETER owns and operates a small kiddie carnival, which operates exclusively in Wisconsin.

 Johnny Rocket

Johnny RocketJohnny Rocket was born into the circus .. seventh generation .. and grew up like a lot of show kids, trying a little of everything in the circus. He considers himself a jack of all trades and has done a good majority of everything out there in the circus world. He says that the variety keeps it new and exciting for him.

Johnny Rocket's conductor act in our 2012 Kora Shrine Circus kept the audiences in stitches and his cybertron act kept everybody in suspense.


The Hamid Circus Tigers


The Hamid Circus Elephant




 BMX Bikes


 Motorcycle Daredevil


Just Larry

Enjoy the clown antics of LARRY THE CLOWN

Just Larry2Just Larry

Shane Hansen Juggling


 Star Christi and her Alaskan Malamute Dogs



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